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Partner with Vue Storefront

Vue Storefront is a frontend as a service platform for eCommerce. At Binshops we have integrated Vue Storefront with PrestaShop. Let's check it out.

vue storefront prestashop partner

Beisat Online Retailer

Beisat is the leading online shopping platform in the Middle East. Developed in 2018, its vast product mix includes exclusive Fashion, Sports goods, Electronics, Perfumes and globally recognized brands.

Beisat uses our technical eCommerce services in addition to our eCommerce mobile app.

vue storefront prestashop partner


Ulule is a crowdfunding platform empowering thousands of creators, entrepreneurs and makers all over the world. Ulule is multilingual and multicultural with offices (as for now) in France, Spain, and Canada.
Our REST API is being used within one of the marketplace projects for PrestaShop integration.

vue storefront prestashop partner

Beisat Mobile App Demo

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Binshops build system gives you a high performance and Flutter application for your PrestaShop website in minutes. It's a free-licensed and production ready application.

The build system gives you a basic eCommerce application, if you need a tailored and a professional app you should use pro version.

Build your FREE app in panel.

  • High Performance Flutter Application
  • Build Your App in Minutes
  • Uses verified and the only PrestaShop REST API
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