Binshops Build System gives you the possibility to build a mobile application in minutes for free.

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Be different from your competitors and give your customers the freedom to purchase from anywhere. With a mobile app you add a new sales channel to your funnel. The mobile application brings ease of purchase for your loyal customers, which generally will increase your customer retention.

prestashop mobile application

How to build your free app?

  1. Login into and go to Mobile App section
  2. Name your App and Enter your Website URL
  3. Click on the red Build button
  4. Finished! Download Your App (APK or App Bundle)

Why this PrestaShop mobile app is super FAST?

Because of two things! Flutter technology and the REST API. Let's break down the application into two parts, the front-end and the back-end API. For a smooth and quick application, both parts must operate fast.


The Flutter technology is now a trend in mobile application development. Our PrestaShop Flutter app uses powerful frameworks to respond smoothly to user reactions. This will give mobile users the best experience possible.

Back-end API

In short, the APIs are powered from PrestaShop core. This way API endpoints uses core functionalities to load data and gain core features. That's why the APIs are so fast.

This is the only REST API module for PrestaShop that is verified on PrestaShop Addons. But fortunately we made it free for everyone [Download].

What is featured with this App and API?

The mobile application works with the PrestaShop REST API, which supports native modules and functionalities in PrestaShop. It's a privilege to support default and native features and PrestaShop modules like sliders, featured products, banner, faceted search, filters and checkout. So, you do not need to setup anything to get your app working.

Need Help?

If you have any question about the mobile application, or any question about the steps you need to follow to build your app, feel free to ask your assistant.