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prestashop pwa

Modern PrestaShop Theme

Unlock your eCommerce power with a cutting-edge front solution. A combination of mobile and website features in a complete product to bring the best experience for your customers.

  • prestashop pwa
    Powered by Vue Storefront, front-end as a service platform (Nuxt based) and Storefront UI library
  • High Performance
  • SSR-renderd and SEO optimized
  • Uses the verified and the only PrestaShop REST API
  • Mobile friendly experience

Why Headless PrestaShop?

In short, you should consider Headless PrestaShop because of: having a Modern and Smooth Storefront and Scalability.

But if you know the answers to the questions, you could gain a deeper understanding of Headless buzzword: Should you upgrade your existing theme?, What is wrong with the existing monolithic?, Are there different options for PrestaShop PWA?, PWAs must be SEO-friendly in eCommerce, which PrestaShop PWA should you use?
You can read this article to know more about Headless Commerce. Here is also a quick overview of PrestaShop Headless PWA concepts.

prestashop pwa

SSR PWA (Server-side rendering)

The use of CSR (Client-side rendering) front-ends on shopping websites is highly discouraged. Why? It's all about SEO and performance issues, CSR rendering has a bad impact on SEO ranking.

prestashop pwa

What is Vue Storefront?

Vue Storefront is a front-end as a service platform solution for eCommerce.

Online shops can get power of Vue Storefront to build any front application for their websites. We did it for PrestaShop eCommerce.

Vue Storefront uses Storefront UI, an independent Vue.js-based library of fully customizable UI components.

Discover Storefront UI

Integration with PrestaShop

Proudly, we have integrated Vue Storefront with PrestaShop eCommerce and we are Vue Storefront Community Partner. The project is open-source and is maintained by Binshops.

This PrestaShop PWA uses PrestaShop REST API that is responsible for handling the communication between Vue Storefront and PrestaShop.

Latest version V1.2.2. Change log

Quick Start Video (Developers)

Need assistance to implement your modern PrestaShop PWA?

Headless eCommerce

Headless is a new buzzword in eCommerce. Technically, in this approach front-end and back-end have been completely decoupled. This gives us the ability to build flexible front-ends and user experiences.

headless prestashop
Headless PrestaShop

It's now possible to build any storefronts. PrestaShop REST API gives us the ability to build tailored front-ends for PrestaShop PWA shops.

headless prestashop
Storefront UI

Appealing appearance with Storefront UI design. A design system built for modern online commerce and the customer's expectations. Excellent for desktop, mobile, and PWA.


Headless PrestaShop/PrestaShop PWA provides us with a level of horizontal scaling. Now it's possible to scale the presentation layer.

Want to set up a modern PrestaShop Headless PWA?