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PrestaShop REST API

You may be a developer or a project manager which is looking for a way to communicate with your PrestaShop website to build your mobile application, or any client side app which is developed by ReactJs, AngularJs or VueJs application for your PrestaShop website. So you search for PrestaShop REST API or something like that, and you reach the official PrestaShop Webservice API. Let's see what it is and why you may need a REST module.

The products that use this REST API

Modern PrestaShop PWA PrestaShop PWA, SSR rendered and SEO optimized.

PrestaShop Mobile Application, high performance flutter mobile application.

Why Webservice API is not enough?

In short, PrestaShop native Webservice API is for CRUD operations, but the API module is intended to get Business Logics. More detail? read next section.

PrestaShop Webservice API

As we know PrestaShop has a Webservice API out-of-the-box which gives the PrestaShop websites the ability access to their shop's database through CRUD (PrestaShop Webservice API). With Webservice API you can do the four common operations on your website's data (Create, Read, Update, Delete) and it's a nice feature if you want to connect another software to your website and manage your data. You can manipulate your User Account, Orders, Products etc, through this feature. To use this feature you will need to generate a token in back-office and you give appropriate permissions to it.

So, what is the challenge? does this fulfill all of our API requirements? or do we still need something else? Suppose that you want to have a mobile application or a PWA for your PrestaShop website. The existing feature does not fulfill your requirement because:

  1. When you use Webservice API and you assign permissions to your token, handling access control will be complicated. Suppose that you grant write access for Account model to your token. So, everyone who has the token can edit any user account regardless if it's his own account or not.
  2. For example we want to add an item to our cart. Although we can add item to a cart through these APIs, but we do not know the logic behind it, and we MUST implement all of them. For example, which hooks are triggered when we add an item to cart, or any other logics which resides here.
  3. And the most important point is that, think of you've implemented all business logic regarding a feature, but what about PrestaShop core changes and updates? You must keep the module update-to-dated with latest PrestaShop changes. But think about a module which acts as a layer between PrestaShop business logic controllers and the API face.

Binshops REST API module covers all of these concerns. So, we need a REST module to do all of them.

Binshops REST API

Binshops REST Module exposes REST API endpoints for any Prestashop website. This module does not require the Prestashop's Webservices feature to be enabled. Totally free without any restriction. Available Endpoints:

  • Authentication
    • Login
    • Register
    • Logout
  • Bootstrap: to get required data for home page
    • Menu Items
    • Featured products
    • Slider
    • Banner Image
  • Cart
    • Add to Cart
    • Remove from Cart
    • Show Cart Items
  • Profile/Account
    • Account Info
    • Account Edit
    • New Password
    • Reset Password
  • Products
    • Product Detail
    • Category Products
    • Product Search
    • Faceted Search
    • Featured Products
  • Address
    • All Addresses
    • Add New Address
    • Get Address
    • Delete Address
  • Checkout
    • Set Address
    • List All Addresses
    • Set Carrier
    • Payment Options

More endpoints will be added.

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Postman Documentation

You can access full documentation for REST endpoints on Postman publisher: Postman Doc

Code and Contribution

You can also contribute to the source code on Github. For bug report and feature request send us a message here or create a new issue on Github Issues.