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prestashop rest api

PrestaShop API for Integrations and Front Applications

Download the demo version of PrestaShop REST API Module. Let's create front-end and Headless applications based on PrestaShop.

Let's check list of all APIs on Postman: Postman Doc

Production-ready and Official Supported Version (Full Version - Pro)

The Pro/Full version is the production ready version of the REST API module, it includes additional APIs like the Create Order API to create orders in one request (the API receives all information needed to create an order, for example cart information - supports combinations, customer info, shipping address, delivery option), and getting created orders through an API. The REST APIs are protected by API Keys in Pro version (for both front-end and back-end APIs) which can be generated through Back-office (BO).
In addition to these features, Pro version includes API level caching which helps performance improvement for Home, PLP and PDP pages.

Full Version (v4.4.0)

Also, the paid version includes a detailed and a must-have guide for building front-end applications. What is included in the guide?

  • How to fix CORS issues (mostly in CSR)
  • How to create orders
  • How to complete Checkout Steps
  • How to add vouchers
  • How to handle product combinations in product detail page
  • How to add product combinations to cart
  • Multi Language and Multi Currency
  • How to filter products with Faceted Search
  • How to protect APIs

Download from Official PrestaShop Addons.

REST API for PrestaShop Headless Commerce

This REST API gives you the ability to build Headless applications based on PrestaShop, let's see what is the Headless Commerce and why it matters. Read more here or watch the video.

Performance Report

REST API caching applied on a PrestaShop website with 100K products and 200 categories and reduced response time from 5 sec to 300 millisec.

Tested on Native Faceted search module and there is no additional tool on server, the REST API module uses file system as the cache driver.

We also did a stress test using Jmeter for API version and HTML version of the website. Experiment specifications:

server with 1 CPU core
server with 4 GB Ram
100 concurrent threads (active users)

API throughput: 530/min
HTML throughput: 385/min

Download Full Report

PrestaShop API Example

You can check the online postman documentation, however here is a sample output for a single product:

  "success": true,
  "code": 200,
  "psdata": {
    "id_product": 3,
    "name": "The best is yet to come' Framed poster",
    "available_for_order": "1",
    "show_price": "1",
    "new_products": "1",
    "on_sale_products": "0",
    "quantity": 1500,
    "minimal_quantity": "1",
    "allow_out_of_stock": "0",
    "float_price": 29,
    "price": "$29.00",
    "discount_price": "",
    "discount_percentage": "",
    "images": [
        "src": "https://rest.binshops.com/3-large_default/the-best-is-yet-to-come-framed-poster.jpg"
    "cover_image": "https://rest.binshops.com/3-large_default/the-best-is-yet-to-come-framed-poster.jpg",
    "combinations": [
        "id_product_attribute": 13,
        "quantity": 900,
        "price": "$29.00",
        "float_price": 29,
        "minimal_quantity": 1,
        "combination_code": "19"
        "id_product_attribute": 14,
        "quantity": 300,
        "price": "$49.00",
        "float_price": 49,
        "minimal_quantity": 1,
        "combination_code": "20"
        "id_product_attribute": 15,
        "quantity": 300,
        "price": "$79.00",
        "float_price": 79,
        "minimal_quantity": 1,
        "combination_code": "21"
    "options": [
        "id": 3,
        "title": "Dimension",
        "is_color_option": 0,
        "items": [
            "id": 19,
            "value": "40x60cm"
            "id": 20,
            "value": "60x90cm"
            "id": 21,
            "value": "80x120cm"
    "description": "The best is yet to come! Give your walls a voice with a framed poster. This aesthethic, optimistic poster will look great in your desk or in an open-space office. Painted wooden frame with passe-partout for more depth.",
    "reference": "demo_6",
    "category_name": "art",
    "manufacturer_name": "Graphic Corner",
    "product_info": [
        "name": "Brand",
        "value": "Graphic Corner"
        "name": "SKU",
        "value": "demo_6"
        "name": "Condition",
        "value": "New"
        "name": "Composition",
        "value": "Matt paper"
    "accessories": [],
    "customization_fields": {
      "is_customizable": "0",
      "customizable_items": []
    "pack_products": [],
    "seller_info": [],
    "product_attachments_array": [],
    "product_url": "https://rest.binshops.com/en/art/3-the-best-is-yet-to-come-framed-poster.html",
    "groups": {
      "3": {
        "group_name": "Dimension",
        "name": "Dimension",
        "group_type": "select",
        "default": 19,
        "attributes": {
          "19": {
            "name": "40x60cm",
            "html_color_code": "",
            "texture": "",
            "selected": false
          "20": {
            "name": "60x90cm",
            "html_color_code": "",
            "texture": "",
            "selected": false
          "21": {
            "name": "80x120cm",
            "html_color_code": "",
            "texture": "",
            "selected": false
        "attributes_quantity": {
          "19": 900,
          "20": 300,
          "21": 300
    "breadcrumb": [
        "title": "Home",
        "url": "https://rest.binshops.com/en/"
        "title": "Art",
        "category_id": 9,
        "url": "https://rest.binshops.com/en/9-art"

Does PrestaShop have API?

PrestaShop has Webservices API out-of-the-box to access database tables through CRUD operations, and PrestaShop REST API module to build front-end applications and to integrate PrestaShop with other systems.

PrestaShop REST API

You may be a developer or a project manager who is looking for a way to communicate with your PrestaShop website to build your mobile application, or any client side app which is developed by ReactJs, AngularJs or VueJs application. So, you search for PrestaShop API or something like that, and you reach the official PrestaShop Webservice API. Let's see what it is and why you may need a REST module.

The products that use this REST API

Modern PrestaShop PWA PrestaShop PWA, SSR rendered and SEO optimized.

PrestaShop Mobile Application, high performance flutter mobile application.

Why PrestaShop Webservice API is not enough?

In short, PrestaShop native Webservice API is intended for CRUD operations, but the API module is intended to work with Business Logics. More detail? read next section.

PrestaShop Webservice API

As we know PrestaShop has a Webservice API out-of-the-box which gives PrestaShop websites the ability to access their shop's database through CRUD (PrestaShop Webservice API). With Webservice API you can perform the four common operations on your website's data (CRUD - Create, Read, Update, Delete) and it's a nice feature if you want to connect another software to your website and manage your data. You can manipulate your User Account, Orders, Products etc, through this feature. To use this feature you will also need to generate a token in back-office and you give appropriate permissions to it.

So, what is the challenge? does this fulfill all of our API requirements? or do we still need something else? Let's suppose that you want to have a mobile application or a PWA for your PrestaShop website. The existing feature does not fulfill your requirement because:

  1. When you use Webservice API and you assign permissions to your token, handling access control will be complicated. Let's suppose that you grant write access for Account model to your token. So, anyone with the token can edit any user account.
  2. For example, we want to add an item to our cart, though we can add items to a cart through these APIs, but we do not know the logic behind it, and we MUST implement all of them. For example, which hooks are triggered when we add an item to the cart, or any other logics which resides here.
  3. And the most important point is that, imagine you've implemented all the business logics for a feature, but what about PrestaShop core changes and updates? You must keep the module update-to-dated with latest PrestaShop changes. But think about a module that acts as a layer on top of the PrestaShop core logic to expose the APIs.

Binshops REST API module covers all of these concerns.

Binshops REST API

Binshops REST Module exposes REST API endpoints for any Prestashop website. This module does not require the Prestashop's Webservices feature to be enabled. Totally free without any restriction. Available Endpoints:

  • Bootstrap: to get required data for home page
    • Menu Items
    • Featured products
    • Slider
    • Banner Image
  • Authentication
    • Login
    • Register
    • Logout
  • Profile/Account
    • Account Info
    • Account Edit
    • New Password
    • Reset Password
  • Wishlist
    • List Wishlists
    • Create/delete Wishlists
    • Add/remove product to/from Wishlists
  • Products
    • Product Detail
    • Category Products
    • Product Search
    • Faceted Search
    • Featured Products
  • Address
    • All Addresses
    • Add New Address
    • Get Address
    • Delete Address
  • Checkout
    • Set Address
    • List All Addresses
    • Set Carrier
    • Payment Options
  • Cart
    • Add to Cart
    • Remove from Cart
    • Show Cart Items

Youtube Video

Postman Documentation

You can access full documentation for REST endpoints on Postman publisher: Postman Doc

Do you need API customization for your PrestaShop website? submit your request.