PrestaShop PWA

One step forward to a modern PrestaShop with an open source PWA application for your PrestaShop website.

prestashop pwa

What is Vue Storefront?

Vue Storefront is the world number one front technology based on Vue.Js. We can get power of Vue Storefront to build any front application for our websites. We did it for PrestaShop websites.

If you want to know more about the Vue Storefront and to know about its architecture check out this documentation.

Integration with PrestaShop

This integration is a PrestaShop website showcase, which you can check Vue Storefront features, and see how your shop will look like when you use Vue Storefront as your front-end technology. See how you can smoothly navigate across your shop just like mobile app and create any user experience you want without PrestaShop limitations. We are working on the main repository to make it complete.

Binshops REST API is at the heart of your website which exposes your shop endpoints. The Vue Storefront front application uses these API to build up the front application.


If you search for PrestaShop PWA, you will see some PWA modules. But all of them are CSR rendered (Client-side rendering) solutions. It's highly recommended not to use CSR rendered front-ends for shopping websites. Why? It's all about SEO and performance issues, which CSR rendering will kill your website SEO rank.

The Vue Storefront approach is different. It uses SSR rendering (Server-side rendering) which fits shopping needs. You can get benefit from a smooth PWA which is great from SEO perspective.

Installation Instructions

  1. Get PrestaShop REST API module:

  2. Install the module just like any other PrestaShop module. There is no need for any configuration, after installation your endpoints are ready.
  3. Clone the PrestaShop integration:

  4. Rename the project:
  5. grep -rl '<% INTEGRATION %>' ./ | xargs sed -i '' 's/<% INTEGRATION %>/{YOUR INTEGRATION NAME}/g'
  6. Make sure you have Node 10+ and Yarn 1 installed.
  7. Install dependencies. In root directory run:
    yarn install
  8. In the following file, specify your shop's base URL in this field integrations.configuration.api.url:


  9. Build the project, at the root directory run:
    yarn build
  10. Run in dev:
    yarn dev

Get start coding: Vue Storefront Tutorial

Code and Contribution

You can also contribute to the source code on Github. Join Vue Storefront Discord.