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Unnecessary PrestaShop Modules

Here is a list of unnecessary modules which you can safely remove them.

PrestaShop has some statistical modules out-of-the-box. Some of these modules are used for marketing and some others for business reporting. If you are familiar with marketing and BI (Business Intelligence) tools, and if you have some experiences with online shops, it's good idea to remove the statistical modules that are used basically for marketing. You can use the tools like google analytics. Actually the purpose of a shopping website is not gathering and managing marketing data.

Business Intelligence Modules

Normally when you setup your online business you need to get data from your sales, orders and products. Specially after a while you need them to direct your business and you take decisions based on dashboards, charts and shop's data. In PrestaShop there are some useful modules out-of-the-box which are used to build these charts. But if you want to get more professional reporting you need to get data with SQL or BI (Business Intelligence) tools like Microsoft Power BI (I highly recommend it) and Tableau. If you are familiar with SQL or BI tools or you have someone to present data, there are too many modules which can be removed easily, and you do not need PrestaShop BI-related modules.

Marketing Modules

Also, you might be familiar with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Hotjar and some other marketing tools which every shop owner needs them to track customers. There are a few marketing-related modules in PrestaShop which can be removed and instead you can easily use the marketing tools.

Here, I listed the unnecessary modules, which you can safely uninstall them. I marked modules that are used for business reporting with (BI) and the others that are used for marketing with (M).

  • Available Quantities (BI)
  • Best Categories (BI)
  • Best Customers (BI)
  • Best Suppliers (BI)
  • Best Vouchers (BI)
  • Best Selling Products (BI)
  • Browsers and Operating Systems (M)
  • Carrier Distribution (BI)
  • Catalog Evaluation (BI)
  • Catalog Statistics (BI)
  • Customer Accounts (BI)
  • Visits and Visitors (M)
  • Dashboard Activity (BI)
  • Dashboard Goals (BI)
  • Dashboard Products (BI)
  • Data mining for statistics (BI)
  • Page not founds (M)
  • Product Details (BI)
  • Registered customer information (BI)
  • Sales and orders (BI)
  • Search engine keywords (M)
  • Stats Dashboard (BI)
  • Visitors Online (M)
  • Visitors Origin (M)
unnecessary modules 1 unnecessary modules 2 unnecessary modules 3
Posted 2 years ago by Sam Berry