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Create Your Free eCommerce Mobile App in Minutes

Create a free eCommerce along with a free eCommerce Mobile App and start selling online through Binshops Panel.

Binshops builder system gives you the ability to build a totally free and a really native high performance eCommerce mobile application.

Let's give it a try!

binshops create mobile app

A Quick Overview

Steps to Build A Free eCommerce App

  1. Prepare your eCommerce API
  2. Build the Mobile App in Binshops Panel

Prepare Your eCommerce API

Your mobile app is backed by the back-end API.

(1) If you do not already have the back-end:

(2) If you already have your PrestaShop website:

  • If you already have your PrestaShop website, you just need to install the REST API module

If you already have a PrestaShop instance, you can easily go to the Panel and build the mobile app.

Build the Mobile App in Binshops Panel

Now that your back-end is ready, it's time to Create your application, let's do it.

  • Log into the Binshops Panel
  • Go to the mobile app section
  • Fill in the required info (App Name, Website/Shop URL - URL must be publicly accessible)
  • build eCommerce app form
  • Create your APK or App Bundle (Wait for 4-5 minutes)
  • Now, let's download the APK and try it out
  • You can get the download link in your Panel, or through the email. An email containing the download link will be sent.
  • Binshosp APK Build email
  • Take attention that you can create unlimited free apps, but 3 times in a day
  • The provided logo/icon in the build form will be used as the application's icon
Binshops eCommerce app icon

Please let us know if you need help while building your app. You can submit a ticket through the panel and we will help you ASAP.

The Biggest Benefit with the Binshops App

The Binshops Mobile App is based on the popular and reliable platform, PrestaShop. Building on top of a popular platform is a big advantage. Extensibility, customizability, a great number of community developers and being a reliable solution for years are critical factors for choosing the right eCommerce platform.

The PrestaShop platform has a proven history in eCommerce ecosystem for 16 years and is used by 300,000 shops worldwide which is available in 60 different languages (Wiki).

How Your Mobile App Will Look Like?

Your application will have the main functionalities of an eCommerce Mobile App:

  • Login
  • Register
  • Category Menu
  • Product Categories
  • Filtering
  • Sorting
  • Product Detail
  • Product Variants and Combinations
  • Cart Functionality
  • Search Functionality
  • Checkout Steps
  • Shipping Options
  • Addresses
  • Checkout Review
  • Payment Methods
  • Customer Account
  • Order History
  • Order Details
Binshops eCommerce App different pages

How to Work With the Home Page of the App? (Home for the Free Version)

Once you installed the APK your home page will look like this:

binshops free ecommerce mobile application

All of the mobile application's data come from your server/shop, including the home page's data. The home page's content has 5 sections which can be managed through the PrestaShop back-office and modules. (In the Pro version you can fully customize the home page through the Elementor, read more)

(1) Shop Logo - the log that is uploaded in Theme & Logo section of the back-office will be used as app's logo.

prestashop theme logo

(2) Image Slider - the image sliders can be managed through the native Image Slider module in back-office.

prestashop image slider

(3) Categories - Top level categories of the shop will be listed as thumbnails, you can manage categories in BO -> Catalog -> Categories.

(4) Popular Products/Feature Products - There is a module name Featured Products through which you can set a specific category to be shown on the home page.

prestashop image slider

(5) Banner - it can be also managed through the Banner module in BO.

prestashop image slider

How to Get the Application Bundle?

You can build your application bundle after your first build. Two options will be available in the build form and you can choose either APK or App Bundle. Binshops Build App Bundle

Manage Your Shop and Your Mobile App

You can fully manage your shop through the back-office and the native modules that included in PrestaShop package.

prestashop dashboard

This platform has everything we need to have for selling online, you can manage your Catalog and Products, receive Orders and checking Order details. When you add a product or edit a a product the changes will reflect on your mobile application immediately.

prestashop dashboard

If you have any general question and need community help, you can also join the PrestaShop Slack channel and participate in discussions.

About the Binshops Free Mobile Application

This free eCommerce mobile application is a really Native Mobile Application that comes with a back-end. Binshops build system builds your native mobile app based on your build request each time (in average it take 4-5 minutes).

The back-end system is based on the PrestaShop eCommerce platform, and the only front-end API for PrestaShop. The REST API is a widely used solution for front-ends in PrestaShop, let's check the Binshops Postman.

Therefore, if you do not have a PrestaShop website, you can easily install it and set it up, but if you already have a PrestaShop website just go to the Binshops Panel and create your mobile app.

Does the Mobile Application Have Any Communication with Binshops Platform?

Not at all! Your mobile application communicates only with your shop (the provided URL while building the mobile app). Therefore, your mobile application does not connect to our servers and platform for any reason.

Pro version of the Binshops eCommerce Mobile Application

The Pro version includes a lot of fantastic features in addition to our team's support. Read more about the Binshops eCommerce Mobile App Pro version.

Feel Free to Ask Any Question About the App

You can also log into your panel and submit a ticket.