Common Questions

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Answer: In short yes :) Feel free to ask anything about your PrestaShop website, even a technical problem with your modules. We try to help you as much as possible.
Answer: Specially if your PrestaShop is hosting on a shared host, no it's not possible, SSR-rendered PWA needs separate system for running. But if your PrestaShop is running on a VPS it's possible but it's not recommended.
Answer: No, all of the configuration settings are stored on your own store, the app does not have any communication with Binshops Panel even for statistics at all.
Answer: Yes, they are ready to be used in production. If you need any help ask your assistant.
Answer: Yes it does, your bundle package name will be changed to the website URL you entered. At the end of the domain name we will add 'binshops' to keep it unique.
Answer: All application which will be generated with our Free Build System plan are free forever.